Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This double life...

Fashion and frivolity. Accessorize everything to keep them guessing...image image image. Still not sure how to play this game. I'm getting better...is that a good thing? And the men? They come. And then they go. Late nights here or there, empty bottles of wine. Early classes that I occasionally make it to. Things are looking up. Its the new Jamie, year after year...old habits die hard.

Taxi cab, security, bar, 5 hour nap, and then; winter. Funny how that happens.

Ski trips lead to Solstice dinners unattended. Family walks, travel mug of coffee and liqueur, -30? run through the drifts! Old friends, thats something to rely on. And the men? Evening chat with an ex-lover, early mornings with a new(ish) one. Late nights at the blues bar, empty bottles of wine. Farewell parties and airport pickups. Lunch with the girls, diamond rings, and new condos...returning to a place unchanged only to find how you, yourself, have altered.

Car ride, security, 5 hour nap, and then; this thing they call 'winter'. Funny how the circumstances so suddenly change.

Love Forever,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I used to go to punk shows in high school

people used to yell "skid" when i got on the school bus.
i used to eat lunch in that hallway where kids like us ate lunch.
...these days?
i've discarded the blue spikes and the name calling has turned to subtle digs.
the kids from that hallway have become this or that.
which is worse?

Love Forever,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time for a Fresh Start...

It's like that feeling i get when i open a new sketchbook; excitement mixed with tentativeness...There will be many half finished, ill thought out drawings and ramblings within the pages, but the first one; it has to be good. It will be seen time and time again, it sets the mood, the first impression for anyone who opens it. The difference I suppose, is that the first blog posting doesn't have as much power. By the time i get to the 6th post this one will no longer be visible. Only those with serious procrastinating to do will click that 'older posts' button and go back in time to read what i was thinking about on this eight day in December, the year two thousand and nine. Such is the nature of the internet...such is the lives of the internet generation.

So what am i thinking about? Well, the other night i discovered the West Coast forests were oozing lactic acid. I instructed my friends to fill their bags with necessities such as bandannas and goggles (in case of dust storms), hid my vinyl collection, grabbed my water pouch, and headed to the local pub to warn family members and fellow drinkers about the impending apocalypse. What am i dreaming about? Art, design, and a sustainable future. A desire for small concrete truths in a vast and ambivalent universe. What do i know? Not much, but i have a lot of opinions. There's no hope of me staying off the black list so lets create a white list for the rest of us.

Love Forever,